AdvoCare Nutritional Supplements

I’ve used AdvoCare nutrition products for 10 years.

My massage therapist gave me a Spark from AdvoCare in 2001, and it started me down a path of health and wellness that has changed my life.

Spark is a mental-focus, no-sugar energy drink that’s great first thing in the morning and also in the mid-afternoon for a boost.  My favorite flavor is Mandarin Orange.  Save money with the 42-serving canister or get portable packets for on the go energy.

Slam is an energy drink that’s in a 2 oz. bottle, making it very portable and convenient.  I like the LemonAid flavor best.


FiboTrim contains chitosan, which helps limit the amount of fat that is absorbed from a meal.  It’s not a license to cheat per se, but a great way to reduce your fat intake.

Proper nutritional uptake starts with a clean digestive system and the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse is a gentle cleanse program that will help optimize your absorption.

The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is a great program to help you cleanse your body, feed lean muscle and burn fat.  Click on AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge for more information.


Rehydrate keeps your body hydrated during physical activity.  AdvoCare has many unpaid Pro athlete endorsers who use it.

O2 Gold is a fantastic performance product that helps your body process oxygen more effectively.  So it’s great for competitive athletes, and for when you’re at high altitude.


DigestEase helps relieve occasional stomachache, acid indigestion and gas

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