My Nutritional Supplement Products List

Over the past 12 years my studies in nutrition and natural health solutions  have helped me reach my fitness goals and more importantly, have dramatically improved my quality of life.

I eat nutritious foods, but our food supply doesn’t have the same nutritional value as it used to, due to modern farming practices, over-processing and irradiation.  And the produce pesticides are toxic.

To optimize my health, I use organic raw foods, superfoods and quality nutritional supplements.

Save up to 60% on natural and organic foods, and natural products at the new Green PolkaDot Box.

I use Eniva nutraceutical vitamin/mineral/antioxidants formula, reservatrol anti-aging and fish oil products, for my core nutrition.

For mental energy drinks, weight management and sports performance, I use AdvoCare products.

Sunfood carries some of the best raw food and superfood products, they have great prices and there’s no sales tax if you live outside of CA.

The best superfood product I’ve found is Boku Superfood, which contains organic spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella, Maca, SuperTake mushroom blend, digestive enzymes and much more.  It’s not really possible to eat enough of these super foods every day to get this level of nutrition, so I simply add Boku powder to my protein shakes.

For bodybuilding products I like AST Sports Science products because they excel at helping you increase lean muscle and burn fat.  AST products are cheapest at where they have the best selection of nutrition products.  There’s no tax charges (except to Idaho residents) and their shipping is quick.

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Mike Adams of Natural News has been a great mentor for me, and he carries great products such as Organic Food Storage products, nutrition supplements, organic foods, and much more.  Click here to visit the Natural News Store

Let me know how I can help you reach your health goals.


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